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TOTAL EM - Tools Of the Trade and Academic Learning in Emergency Medicine

Feb 18, 2020

Patients present with headaches frequently, but they do not all need imaging.  However, the question becomes who does need the imaging?  The American College of Radiology updated their guidelines from the ones previously made in 2014 and we provide a rapid review in this post.

Feb 11, 2020

One of the most commonly feared diagnoses to miss in medicine is the ruptured aortic aneurysm or aortic dissection.  Despite classic teachings, the presentation of most patients is not textbook.  While there are many studies trying to find ways to help with the evaluation, they have been limited in success.  However,...

Feb 4, 2020

Patrick Bafuma is back for the second part of his EM ID interview with Dr. Valerie Vaughn.  She is internal medicine trained and a hospitalist with a special interest in infectious disease.  Go back to Podcast #182 to hear her discussion with nudges as it comes back to play in this post.

Jan 28, 2020

Tibial plateau fractures can be easily missed, especially to the untrained eye.  Missing these important fractures can have devastating outcomes.  In this post we will talk about how to identify and manage these fractures.

Jan 21, 2020

Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) can range in complexity from very basic exams to those that are expert level in nature.  While some basic wall motion abnormalities are taught in many introductory classes, the concept of regional wall motion abnormalities (RWMA) for myocardial infarctions (MIs) can be a little more...